Even though we are big proponents of advanced, closed system drying technologies, economic and market circumstances compel us to also manufacture open system dryers.

Therefore, our manufacturing process offers EURUS “OS” open system dryer.

The chamber in open system is equipped with all the elements necessary for efficient drying by externally supplied air. The insulated chamber contains space for drying with trays and ventilation system designed to collect, mix and eject steam saturated, moisten air; and regulation system to achieve the optimal drying level and energy usage.

The only advantage of open system dryer is 40% - 50% lower cost of initial investment in drying equipment.

It is important to highlight that our open system chamber can be upgraded with heat pump, offering increased cost-effectiveness and drying quality of closed, condensing system.

*Dimensions and installed power of dryer vary, depending on the amount of drying material per load, that is, the capacity of the dryer.