Our potential clients are existent dry food manufacturers seeking ways to improve manufacturing process in line with the market demands and securing market presence by increasing competitiveness. Cost saving indicators

optimonia logo Future entrepreneurs - beginners seeking independent production of conserved foods such as food, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, seeds, tea and spices of all kind.

Existent manufacturers are presented with technology that is efficient and lowers cost of manufacturing.

Demand for this type of product is progressively growing, therefore we especially recommend it to undecided business venturers.

There is an increased demand in products with dry fruit and vegetables and their powder, such as: cookies, chocolates, muesli, fruit yogurts, preparations for athletes, pasta colored with vegetable powder, instant soups and powdered sauces.
In 2009., National Library of Medicine of National Institutes of Health stated that 20% of all the crops in the world is subjected to drying.

Sole trading is for all who believe and know they themselves determine their own economic and social status, through decisive engagement where courage and responsibility are always amply awarded.

Don't be afraid of success!