OPTIMONIA closed (CS) heat pump and open (OS) drying system

Drying can be achieved in closed and open systems. However, closed system has CRUCIAL, INSURMOUNTABLE advantage.


1 – Saving 3 to 5 times more electric energy than the open system. Because closed system retains and uses steam energy inside the dryer, producing 3 to 5 times more energy than it takes from the electrical grid.


Closed system has COLD CONDENSATION CHAMBER which is HEATED by hot air and steam originating from hot chamber, thus SAVING energy. The open system doesn’t have cold condensation chamber, so it irreversibly “throws” the hot air and steam energy into surroundings.

2 - Closed system has 3 to 4 times less installed wattage and uses 2 to 5 times less energy than the open system, thus being 3 to 4 times more efficient. For instance, 1 kW of installed wattage in closed system equals 4 kW in the open, with equal capacity!


Because closed system dryer exerts water, not steam (steam is condensed inside the system). During drying, one kilo of steam produced from hot chamber is 0,64 kWh "richer" than the water at the same temperature!
That way, steam and hot air produce 80 kWh of heat energy from every 100 liter of exerted water!!!

3 - In 6 to 8 months of continuous operation, condensation dryer XEROMON50 CS (32.4 m2) with heat pump will, just by difference in electric energy consumption, return the investment in closed system, unlike same capacity, open system EURUS50 OS (32.4 m2) model!


Because XEROMON50 CS (32.4 m2) dryer with heat pump will save over 100 000 kWh per year* compared to equal capacity open system EURUS50 OS (32.4 m2)dryer!!

4 - Closed system dries on lower temperature than the open system, with same efficiency.


In order to shorten drying time on low temperatures, it is essential to dry with dry air, with humidity eliminated beforehand! This can be accomplished in closed system dryer, as such system has zone for drying food, as well as the zone for drying air!

Also, using chosen airflow speed, OPTIMONIA "CS" dryer achieves the optimal drying mode.
High temperatures slow down the drying process, causing formation of crust on a product surface which blocks water evaporation.

Vitamins and aromatic compounds remain preserved in dried product. Usually they are unstable and dissolve at temperatures above 45°C. Biologically-nutritious values are increased, as well as taste, smell and visual appearance of the dried product (in heat pump dryer natural coloring is preserved, while in open system fruit becomes darker).

5 - Closed system products are incomparably cleaner than the open system.


Because in closed system one and the same air circulates from hot to cold chamber, while the open system constantly feeds new air full of dust which remains on sticky fruit surface. Every air alteration brings additional impurity, consisting of dust and microorganisms, necessarily present even in the cleanest outer air.

It goes without saying the level of safety achieved in produce hygiene, for both the producer and buyer.

Certainly, it is possible to reach purity in open system, but only at a great level of invest, increased manufacturing cost and additional cost of exploitation.

6 - Closed system dryer can be used in closed space, without additional investment.


Because closed system dryers release water, not steam which usually quickly fills enclosed space and PREVENTS SUBSEQUENT DRYING.

7 - Closed system drying provides the strictest certificates of quality.


Because of everything cited above!

*Results obtained in real cases