OPTIMONIA CS, a dryer for fruit, vegetables, spices and medicinal herbs, is a founding project from OPTIMONIA expert team. It has multiple sophisticated and unique technical solutions, making it one of the most competitive products on the market.

OPTIMONIA CS contains following subsystems and solutions:

* Cold condensational chamber as a closed drying system prerequisite (dryer exerts water, not steam)
* Heat pump (lowering energy consumption 3 to 5 times)
* Flexible capacity
* Partial or fully automated regulation (level of automatization based on customer requirements)


OPTIMONIA CS contains 2 drying chambers, the hot and the cold one. Hot chamber produces steam during drying process, whilst cold one, using dew effect , produces water when drying air from hot chamber. During drying process there is no air exchange, thus accomplishing closed drying system. Chambers are connected by a tunnel flow into the closed system through which air can circulate with necessary speed.


Heat pump is a thermodynamic system which converts low temperature heat (energy) from surroundings (which is free) into highly usable heat for warming (usually bought for higher price).
Why is a heat pump useful?
Because it has a cold part (evaporator) heated by warmer surroundings which sends that heat to a condenser situated in space we want to heat. That is a reason for using a heat pump and a way for getting free energy.

OPTIMONIA CS operates with a heat pump!
A heat pump in 30m2 dryer produces around 130 000 kWh energy yearly!

A heat pump consists of heat exchanger and compressor aggregate.
OPTIMONIA CS compressor aggregate consists of one or more units (compressors). The number of units depends on installed power and designed operating conditions. This approach enables the most optimal combination of units, judging by regulation and process control, efficacy and price of the device.

The other, not less, advantage of multiple units system is increase in dryer reliability - failure of certain units isn't the failure of the whole system. The aggregate also contains subsystems as automatic EM expansion valve, receivers, oil separators, filters, controllers and all components necessary for safe and lasting heat pump operation.

In heat systems such as ours, it is necessary to remove heat in order to prevent overheating. Heat removal is a technical necessity, that heat can be used where applicable. For instance, heat exchangers could be installed in order to heat water or air for other usage. The effect is considerable in higher-powered aggregates.


One of the many advantages of OPTIMONIA CS dryer is simple capacity upgrade, performed by simple installment of additional chambers.