optimonia logo Open system is a classic drying system that is present since olden times.

Open system dryers can use different types of energy for heating: fossil fuels, wood and electric heaters. (Optimonia produces open system dryers with electric heaters only).

Open system dryers are outdated for many reasons, the main one being high energy consumption, mostly from fossil fuels and wood, also emission of carbon- dioxide and harmful gases, which is today ecologically unacceptable. Drying product can get dirty in open system – it is dried in high temperatures and is of the lowest quality.


In open system dryer, there is ONE hot chamber with trays, heaters and ventilators.

Drying in open system consists of the following phases:

1 - Heating air taken from the outside,
2 - extracting moisture from drying material with air flow enabled by ventilators inside the chamber,
3 - ejecting the humid air from the chamber and taking in fresh one with the external ventilator.

These dryers are manufactured according to the order where we contract the dimensions, capacity, power of the heaters in kW, etc.