About us

Optimonia is a company specialized in design, manufacture and distribution of industrial heat pump food dryers with a closed drying system.

Optimonia’s beginnings date back to 2011, when the family’s innovative strength in research and technology was focused on creating an optimal solution for drying fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs. As prominent engineers, a father and two daughters combined all their capacities and expertise into the development of industrial dryers, which resulted with a 4th place in the finals of a contest among 116 innovations from various scientific fields and an award for best technological innovation in Serbia for 2018.

Today, our team consists of prominent experts from various fields.

Through advanced internal development, we are constantly improving solutions related to:
1. Production of high quality dryers at an affordable price.
2. Ecology – environmental protection.
3. Economic production.

Optimonia produces completely closed condensing dryer systems with its innovative solutions and using elements from renowned world manufacturers.