Frequently asked questions

How much do the dryers cost?
The prices of dryers depend on the capacity of a dryer, as well as on the choice of production materials and additional equipment in terms of regulating the drying process. Prices are available on request.

What is the delivery time?
Delivery time depends on the capacity and moment of the order. It usually takes about 30 days.

Where can I look at an operational dryer?
A functional dryer can be seen in our company or within the premises of one of our clients. In addition, there is the possibility of performing drying tests with your products.

What types of fruits and vegetables can be dried? Can herbs be dried?
Dryers are universal. You can dry any fruits, vegetables or herbs.

How much time does it take to dry different raw materials?
Drying time depends on various factors such as: type, variety of raw material, maturity of raw material, pre-processing of raw material, cutting thickness, whether the raw material is fresh or frozen, desired drying temperature, final percentage of humidity at which the raw material is dried, and so-forth.

What type of fuel is used?
Condensing dryers have a built-in heat pump, i.e. a compressor unit that works exclusively on electricity.

Do you organize dryer handling training?
We have no practice of organizing dryer handling training. It is very easy to handle. With the help of a user manual, our customers are successful in handling the machine with ease. Of course, you can contact us regarding any concerns you may have.

Do you provide installation services for the dryer and put it into operation?
The dryer is delivered assembled and pre-tested. Commissioning is very simple according to enclosed usage instructions, so that customers can put it into operation very easily and successfully.

What are the dimensions of a dryer?
The dimensions of dryer depend on capacity.

Can it be kept indoors?
These dryers are intended to be kept indoors, due to the fact that they do not emit steam, as open systems, but water.

Are they made of stainless steel?
We produce trays made out of stainless steel (inox steel) or aluminum, depending on the wishes and needs of each customer.

Do you have an EUR1 form for export?
We provide a EUR1 form, as well as all necessary documentation so that the customer is exempted from customs duties.

Do you have a CE mark?
We have a CE mark. We can provide any certificate that the customer needs.

What to do when the warranty expires?
After the expiration of the warranty, service can be provided by any company that deals with the maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning, or you can hire our company.

What is the electric power consumption?
Electric power consumption depends on capacity. It is certainly 3 to 5 times less compared to traditional systems and up to 20 times compared to some other closed drying systems.

Can different foods be dried at the same time?
It is possible to dry different types of food at the same time.

Can I upgrade the capacity of a dryer?
Higher capacity implies a relatively stronger unit, larger chamber and all other elements. So the capacity can be expanded only by purchasing an additional dryer.

Are these dryers based on a vacuum system?
Condensing dryers are not vacuum dryers, they work on the basis of atmospheric pressure.

Can you run the dryer on solar energy?
We do not install solar panels on dryers.

What are the capacities of the dryers? What is the smallest unit or storage capacity?
The smallest capacity we produce is 100 kg based on fresh plums in one filling. Furthermore, we offer capacities of 200 kg, 300 kg, 500 kg and more (units of 500 kg are upgraded in the tunnel or delivered as separate units depending on the wishes and needs of the customer).