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With its advanced and unique technology, an Optimonia condensing dryer with a closed system shortens the drying time of food and at the same time dries at temperatures lower by 20 degrees compared to traditional open drying systems.

In addition to the fact that high temperatures reduce the quality of dried products, they can also slow down the drying process because of the crust created on the surface of the fruit blocks the evaporation of water.

The drying process is accelerated by dry air – air from which moisture has been removed previously (by cooling and condensation), which enables moisture absorption from any food to a greater extent. This is achieved by a closed condensing system that has two zones, a food drying zone and an air drying zone. That is, a hot and a cold chamber.

The air present in the chamber at the beginning of the drying process circulates constantly through the hot and the cold chamber over the course of the entire process.

It serves for food drying in the warm chamber – continuously heated, as the warm air takes the moisture from the food. Thus, the water from the food is converted into steam, which enters the cold chamber where it is converted into water (dew effect) by the heat pump (condensation).

The fact that distilled water comes out of Optimonia dryers instead of steam that is discharged irreversibly into the environment by traditional drying processes provides a user with an added value, which can be monetized on the market.

For example, during one drying cycle, 400 kg of fruit releases an average of about 300 kg of distilled water.