Exceptional quality of dried products

Optimonia heat pump technology, with a closed drying system, enables a reduction of production costs, while achieving the superior quality of a dry product in terms of biological and nutritional value, including color, smell and taste.

The food preserves color because there is no injection of fresh air, and thus no injection of oxygen, which is the cause of color change due to oxidation.

The drying process can also take place without the presence of oxygen, i.e. in an atmosphere of inert gas (e.g. nitrogen or carbon dioxide), resulting in the production of dried products of the highest quality.

Optimonia condensing dryers dry at temperatures lower by 20 to 30 degrees compared to traditional open drying systems, without prolonging the drying process, which significantly affects the quality of produced dry food.
Drying at a lower temperature increases the quality of a dried product because the nutritional values of the product are preserved.

Furthermore, this closed drying system prevents the entry of impurities from the external environment (in the form of dust and microorganisms), inevitably found even in the cleanest outdoor air, making this dried product very competitive in the dried food market.

The humidity achieved for each dried product ranges from 2% to 4% (the necessary percentage of humidity for obtaining powder from fruits and vegetables). A dried product with a low degree of humidity (2% – 4%) is suitable for further processing and grinding, which significantly increases the price of the final product because the powder of dried fruits and vegetables is in the high demand and has the highest value on the market.
We have achieved the quality of dried products comparable to very expensive vacuum dryers and lyophilizers.

The products dried in Optimonia condensing dryers don’t have to be chemically treated to preserve color and taste.

By using this technology, we have made it possible to obtain strict world certificates for the quality of dried products.